Who the heck is Lisa Leick? And how do you pronounce that last name?
Hello! My last name is pronounced "like". Crazy easy, isn't it?
I grew up in central Wisconsin near a tiny town called Stratford on a large dairy farm. My first job involved lifting hay bales bigger than me (ok, so I pushed and rolled them) and scooping manure. The calves didn't seem to appreciate the latter part. 
After a whirlwind of adventure living in places like Missoula (MT), Glendale (CA)
and Waterloo (IA), and a tiny moment in Firenze (IT), I ended up back in my beloved
home state of Wisconsin. Currently, I frolic in the countryside, waking up to a drunk rooster and listening to the cows come home.
I have built a successful career as a Graphic Designer and Art Director within the
food & beverage industry. Sparked by an internship that blossomed into a chocolate company startup, I gained invaluable insight and roll-up-the-sleeves experience. Trials and tribulations, along with a weak economy, unfortunately lead to the demise of the chocolate company. Life lessons gained. Opportunity awaited. 
Along the way, my production skills and client-relationship-building gained traction 
at a small ad agency with internationally known clients. On-the-job experience gifted me with a more intuitive, strategic approach to building brand stories that resonated with targeted audiences. Side work for a nonprofit chocolate organization provided an extra fix for moments of sweetness.
Shifting gears, I currently freelance full-time while I pursue a Master's degree in Information Design and Strategy, a visionary online program gaining traction at Northwestern University (IL). As the creative mind ever churns, I am always enthusiastic for more opportunities to learn from my peers and incite a little hope in everyone I meet. Education and accessibility for everyone is truly the key
to a more promising future for us all. 
Craving more? View my professional work or contact me for more creative conversation. I'm also on Instagram and LinkedIn–exciting, right?!–you just have
to find me; it's not hard. Alternatively, should you seek a really great chocolate recommendation or simply talk the future of cacao production, I'm your gal.
Thank you!
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